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We provide comprehensive business invitation services to businessmen, individuals and entrepreneurs that are going to come to Ukraine for the purpose of doing business. Business people shall travel to Ukraine under a short-term visa type C. Ukrainian legislation protects the rights of investors and promotes their arrival to Ukraine. But you shall have perfect documents to be sure that you will obtain a visa and you will cross Ukrainian border sucessfully. We give you a 100% guarantee that you will get a business visa with our assistance. By ordering our business invitation documents you will get the highest level of legal assistance and support. We will suggest you the best and the most easy way to get a visa to Ukraine.

We will can provide you with a business invitation documents and services that include:

  • business invitation letter from Ukrainian company;
  • legal and information assistance during business visa obtaining process;
  • filling of visa to Ukraine application form;
  • meeting at the airport;
  • verification of documents.

We do provide business invitation documents and support for free for those who orders company registration in Ukraine.

Price – $190*; Processing – 2-3 days**.

*this is all inclusive price; extra paid only the cost of courier services ($40$80 depending on the country) and consular fee for issuing a visa;

**this period does not include the time needed for sending documents (3-6 days depending on the country and postal service);

How to get a business visa to Ukraine?

There are two ways to obtain a short-term visa to Ukraine:

  • in one of the consulate or embassy of Ukraine;
  • on arrival; 

The following documents are submitted to obtain a short-term business visa in any embassy of Ukraine or on arrival.

  1. Passport (shall be valid not less than three months after the declared date of departure from the territory of Ukraine; shall contain at least two free pages);
  2. Visa application form (to apply for visa in Embassy of Ukraine form is filled at;
  3. Business invitation (provided from a company which is registered in Ukraine to a foreign citizen);
  4. One color photo (with the size of 35 x 45 millimeters);
  5. Valid health insurance policy (covering the cost of at least 30,000 euro or equivalent in another currency; in the case of an application for a multiple entry visa, the availability of a health insurance policy valid for the first scheduled visit to Ukraine is checked);
  6. Documents confirming the availability of sufficient financial support for the period of the planned stay and for returning to the state of origin or transit to a third state or the possibility to obtain sufficient financial support legally in the territory of Ukraine.
  7. Visa consular fee payment (not less than  $65).

Consider also that consular fee depends on the citizenship, processing time and number of entries. If you want to stay in Ukraine more than 90 days during 180 day period you need to obtain a long-term visa for Ukraine and apply for temporary residence permit.

Citizens from high risky immigration countries (like Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt etc. see the list below) can submit documents only to the embassy of Ukraine in the country of citizenship or the country of residence. Citizens of all other countries can apply for a visa in any embassy or consulate of Ukraine.

What documents confirm the availability of sufficient financial support in Ukraine?

Foreigners to enter Ukraine must have sufficient financial support. Basically you need to have the proof that you have enough money to stay in Ukraine during the period of your visa validity/ The availability of sufficient financial support can be proved by the following:

  • availability of cash in the national currency of Ukraine (UAH) or in convertible foreign currency (USD, EUR) at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the day of entry into Ukraine;
  • document indicating the amount of funds and on the basis of which funds can be obtained from banking institutions of Ukraine;
  • credit or debit card of international payment systems and examination of an extract from the personal bank account of the applicant, confirming the amount of money available (statement from the ATM);
  • document confirming the reservation or payment for housing and food in Ukraine;
  • travel ticket to return to the country of civic or permanent residence, or to a third country with a fixed date.

As of September 2018, sufficient financial amount is not more than:

Term of stayAmount in USDAmount in UAH
10 days665 USD17250 UAH
15 days885 USD23000 UAH
20 days1110 USD28750 UAH
25 days1330 USD34500 UAH
30 days1550 USD40250 UAH

Сitizens of which countries have the right to obtain a visa to Ukraine on arrival or e-visa?

Travellers from the following countries are able to get a visa in airport in Ukraine: Australia, Bahrain, Dominica, India, Indonesia, China, Kuwait, Mauritius, Malaysia, Mexico, Federated States of Micronesia, New Zealand, Oman, Palau, Peru, Samoa, Republic of El Salvador, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago. If your citizenship is one of the country that is mentioned above, you can obtain a visa on arrival. But still you need to submit the documents needed for such a visa obtaining, like Ukraine visa application form, invitation letter, etc. Consider that visa on arrival is issued by representative officer of Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine in the airport. But Ukrainian border service is different authority and they have the righ to interview you on the main purpose of visit to Ukraine. Some travellers that are not well prepared for this may be refused in crossing Ukrainian border. More often it happens with Indian citizens.

Any way, regardless the citizenship, please consider that if you have never been to Ukraine, and you do intend to get a short-term visa on arrival, make sure that your invitation documents are perfect. It is always sad to travel back from Ukraine right after arrival.

Сitizens of which countries shall obtain visa to Ukraine in embassy or in consulate?

Citizens of following countries can not obtain an e-visa or visa on arrival to Ukraine: Algeria, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestina, Philippines, Syria, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tinisia, Vietnam, and most of African countries. All of that countries (exept Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand) are named by the state of Ukraine as a high risky immigration states and whose citizens are not able to get a visa to Ukraine and succesfully cross the border easily. Althoug it does not mean at all that they have no right to get a visa to Ukraine. With good documents, good skills and proof of availability of sufficient amount of money such people have very good chances. Just consider that in may take up to one month for the embassy or a consulate to issue a visa if you are a citizen of one of these countries.

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