Obtaining of Long-Term Visa Type D

With more than 10 years of experience in migration issues, we have all needed legal tools and skills to assist your visa type D obtaining. We know very good the requirements, procedures and main issues for this process. We offer you complete Ukrainian long-term visa support from A to Z. Contact us for more information.

What is Ukrainian long-term visa?

Many countries have some special visa and immigration rules and procedures. Ukraine is not an exemption. Long-term visa or visa type D for Ukraine is a special type of visa. It can be issued only if an individual has any grounds to apply for a temporary or permanent residency in Ukraine. It is obviously that you can obtain this type of visa only in the embassy or a consulate of Ukraine. It is impossible to get this visa inside Ukraine. Consider also that Ukrainian visa type C can not be changed or transformed into visa D.

Regardless citizenship all individuals are obliged to obtain this type of visa to be able to reside in Ukraine for more than 90 days during 180 day period. Ukrainian visa type D is a kind of green light to apply for a residency in Ukraine. Consider that this visa is issued only for 90 days. Even if you are going to apply for 3 year temporary residency still the long-term visa is issued for 90 days.

Consider that after you have got the visa D you have to come to Ukraine and apply for residency during 75 days but in any case before your visa expires. Your documents for residence permit in Ukraine can’t be submitted if you don’t have this visa. Even if you are in Ukraine and you have all the main documents to apply for residency (except visa D) still you need to travel out from Ukraine to the nearest embassy or consulate of Ukraine and get that visa.

Needed documents to apply for visa type D

There are many grounds to apply for a visa D, like:

Always and always the following documents are submitted:

  • Passport (shall be valid at least 6 months since the date of apply);
  • Valid health insurance agreement (minimum coverage amount is 30 000 euro);
  • Visa application form;
  • Confirmation of sufficien financial amount;

Ukraine visa D for India citizens

Indian citizens are one of the main immigrants to Ukraine. So we would like to explain the main issues for visa type D obtaining for Indians. First of all consider that it is not so easy to get a D visa if you are an Indian passport holder. Many aplicants have been refused lately. Although India is not in Ukrainian government list of high-risky immigration countries. But lately many Indians have been trying to get to EU illegally through Ukraine. So the embassies are studying documents very carefully. All the documents shall be perfect as well as the answers during interview. The documents can be submitted only in India (Mumbai or New Delhi VFS visa center) or in the country of residency. If you are resident of UAE your visa application can be submitted in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

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