Registration of Individual Entrepreneurs in Ukraine

An individual entrepreneur (or sole proprietor) is one of the most common forms of legal registration of business in Ukraine. In Ukraine individual entrepreneur is called “fizichna osoba-pidpriyemets” or “fop”. Citizens of Ukraine and foreigners, who have reached 16 years of and do have ukrainian tax ID number (Ukrainian tax code) can be registered as a individual entrepreneur.

Non-ukrainian citizens to be registered must have a resident address in Ukraine. Residence permit is not required any more. If you have decided to make some small business in this beautiful country, individual entrepreneurship can be a good solution. Sole proprietorship is not a legal entity or a company. There is no director, shareholders, share capital etc. There is only an individual that is registered in ministry of justice of Ukraine as an individual businessman and has the right to make a business activity and to make money. It’s important to understand that individual entrepreneur is are responsible for the obligations with all property which belongs to the entrepreneur as an individual. 

An individual entrepreneur has the right to make business in all the types of economic activities which are not directly prohibited by law. Sole proprietor can make trading, wholesale, construction, provide services, provide consultations, etc. 

In accordance with Ukrainian tax code, individual entrepreneurs can choose general tax rate or single tax rate (or so-called fixed tax).

Income tax rate is 18 %.

Individual entrepreneurs, have the right to be register as VAT (value added tax) payer. Entrepreneurs have the right to make trade activities in export/import of goods and services. Individual entrepreneurs are allowed to provide services and supply goods for companies, public authorities and local governments.

Our service include: consultation and preparation of all necessary documents, state registration obtaining of stamp and all necessary documents to open an account and start business.

Registration time–up to 7 working days.

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