Obtaining Taxpayer Identification Number (Tax ID) in Ukraine

We provide services for obtaining an identification code in Ukraine. The identification number is a document issued to a citizen by the fiscal service of Ukraine on the basis of an application. ID code is a 10-digit number. By Ukrainian law individual taxpayer identification number is a kind of US Social Security number. Buying our services you will not have to visit any of Ukrainian authorities. It is also possible to get a taxpayer identification number even if you are not in Ukraine. We do have a solution for that.

Our service price:

obtaining of identification code  $50
passport translation + power of attorney $30

What the code is needed for?

Any individual that will get a profit or will have property in Ukraine is obliged to have a tax number. An individual must obtain a taxpayer code if he plans to purchase assets (shares, bonds), car or real estate in Ukraine. The identification code is also required if the citizen is going to be employed in Ukraine. Actually it is impossible to acquire any property not having a taxpayer identification number. Consider also that taxpayer number is required for every notary legal act to be made from your name. 

How to get Ukrainian tax id?

Ukrainian tax authority shall ideintifie you as potential taxpayer. Basically it is required to provide to fiscal authorities all data about an individual, like passport data, address of residence, citizenship, place and date of birth, etc. It is not required to give your a biometric data. To obtain the code, first you will need to translate your passport into Ukrainian. Documents are submitted to the fiscal authority personally by a citizen or a trustee (under the power of attorney).

The code can be obtained on the basis of a power of attorney. Personal presence is not necessary, but preferable. Id code can be obtained only in the regional center tax service or in Kiev. ID number must be issued during five working days by tax authority since the date of filing the application. All the data and all documents shall be fulfilled correctly. Consider that by Ukrainian law first surname is written. But if an individual does not have an official surname it is not a ground for refusal.


It is very important to understand that Tax ID obtaining in Ukraine is not a basis to be called a tax resident in this country. It only gives a right and technical possibility to pay some taxes. Ukrainian taxpayer code is the most personal data about individual. Even having just tax id number itself (even without a document) it is possible to get all the information about such person.

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