Registration of NGO in Ukraine

We offer you comprehensive legal and consulting services for registration of non-governmental organization in Ukraine.

The right to establish an NGO in Ukraine with the aim to protect the rights and interests of individuals is guaranteed by Constitution of Ukraine. Consider also that non-governmental organizations can make needed requests to state authorities and governmental bodies and can (in some kind) control such authorities. NGO is a best solution if you do intend to unite some group of companies or individuals for such purpose.

Today the level of democracy is growing in Ukraine and NGO as the tool for public control and influence has a very important mission. The same is mentioned at United Nations – Ukraine.

What we do?

  • consultations on process and procedure of NGO registration and on important aspects of activity in Ukraine;
  • prepare needed documents for non-governmental organization constitution;
  • registration in Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;
  • legalization of representative office of foreign NGO in Ukraine;
  • nominee director and office service;
  • seal (emblem) and banking account obtainment;
  • obtainment of non-profit status in Ukrainian tax authorities;
  • tax consulting on charitable activity in Ukraine;
  • legalization of international or foreign NGO in Ukraine (NGO representative office/affiliation constitution);
  • mediation and dispute resolution;
  • liquidation, closure of NGO or the representative office.

How to register non-governmental organization in Ukraine?

The main two documents are Statut or Charter (or so called the law of organization) and the decision to establish the organization. Charter must contain the main targets and goals (for example “protection of rights and interests of farmers, etc), process of election of members executive body, needed requirements to accept new members, power and rights of executives and others. Organization can be established by two or more members.

Rights and obligations of members, executive body and auditor of non-governmental organization shall be well regulated.

Ministry of justice is the main registration authority for NGO constitution. Ukrainian and foreign individuals, companies and organization can be the founders or participants of Ukrainian NGO. Setup procedure is quiet complicated as all the formalities must be performed. Registration process takes up to one month but usually all the process can be completed within two weeks.

What is the cost of registration for NGO in Ukraine?

There is no state fee for establishing of non-profit organization. But the main expenses are for notary and legal services. Legal services cost depend on quantity of members and goals of NGO.

Ukrainian legislation on non-governmental organization

Non-governmental organization or public association (by Ukrainian law) – is a voluntary association of individuals and/or legal entities of private law established for the purpose of the development and protection of rights and freedoms, and for social, economic, cultural, environmental and other interests protection. The status of a public association is regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Public Associations”.

NGO can be created in the form of a public organization or in the form of a public union. A public organization is a public association whose founders and members (participants) are individuals (citizens). A public union is a public association whose founders and members (participants) are legal persons of private law, and members (participants) may be legal persons of private law and individuals.

Public association with the status of a legal entity is a non-entrepreneurial and non-profit organization, the main purpose of which is not to make a profit.

NGO in Ukraine can have the auditor of organization. Such body can be established in order to control the spending. Usually all the financial transactions are made by executive of institution. Auditor as the body of organization can be approved if members do want to oversee expenses of NGO.

By Ukrainian law, NGO are exempt from taxation by VAT, income and corporate tax. All funds received by organization that were used properly are exempt from taxation. Non-governmental organization shall obtain of non-profit status from tax authority. In such a way all the financing received from the members and charities is not taxable.

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